Your dedicated ammunition

Engineered for perfection

Why Choose Wapiti ammunition 3 Easy Reasons

1. Made in the UK

Support British manufacturing, by purchasing our products you supporting multiple British companies.

2. Developed to be best in its field

Designed for its field, the only dedicated ammunition on the market

3. Unmatched accuracy

Tight tolerance manufacturing ensures the same performance from box to box.

Dedicated Hunting Ammunition

We approached our bullet design in different ways than most companies. We design our bullets for a specific purpose,

“You have a dedicated kit for discipline why not have a dedicated ammunition”


Experience the world of precision, designed and Made in the UK .


True copper bullet, this range of was developed to be a dedicated hunting ammunition. The most efficient projectile on the market. Unprecedented terminal performance


Non-toxic ammunition. Low drag design, Copper Alloy. high stability for the accuracy that you can rely on. With extremely tight tolerances and strict quality control.


Can’t find ammunition or bullet? Need a custom ammunition? Or just a bullet with specific calibre and weight? From the bullet seating to the optimal charges and velocities.


Unlock the Secrets of Serene Solitude: A Journey into the Heart of Tranquil Destinations.


Bow Hunting in Hungary

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