Custom Ammunition

new era of monolothic bullets is here

More accurate, Less fouling, designed for the 21st century

custom ammunition and bullet desing

Looking for something special? Dont reload? We can help!

1. We design your bullet

Design your bullet to your rifle, to give you the best performance, for application that you require.

2. We develop the load

Developing safe load data for monolithic projectiles, comes with C.I.P certificate of conformity

3. We manufacture your ammunition

Your ammunition will be tested and approved by C.I.P accredited facilities. And it will be your, you wont find it on the shelf in any store!

Brass case reconditioning

Inspecting, resizing, annealing

Custom packaging

Stand out from the crowd with your own design.

Chamber pressure testing

Make use that you are safe when reloading.

C.I.P ammunition testing

Batch or Lot testing for your ammunition .

Choose your type

Choose your bullet type, from target to dangerous game

Solid Non- Expanding

These projectiles are design without expansion cavity, design to penetrate and for target shooting.

Medium Expansion

Where both deep penetration and expansion are need, the most versatile design.

High Energy transfer

Design for weight retention and maximum energy transfer. Where stopping power is most curtail.